Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Head Hurts

Last night I was priviledged enough to get an "invite" to the Team Vic launch at the Establishment, and not only that but I also got to sit with all the important people ie Geoff as well as Conrad Smith (Yes, the All Black)

He was a really really nice guy, and we all had some good conversations with him, however he did steal my dessert!!! ( He could be a potential patron God - fits all below criteria)

Was out until 3am-ish after hitting the Establishment at 6pm, thought I had set my alarm for 9am as the joy of my job means I can start and finish whenever I want if I don't have any meetings, however somehow I was AT work at 9am, so must have set alarm wrong in my drunken stupor, now my head hurts, I feel sick when I stand up, want a pie knowing it will make me feel better, but also means I will HAVE to go to gym this arvo, when I really just wanna head home and go to bed.

I don't think I have been so drunk on a Tuesday night since my first year shenanigans in Weir House.

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Cactus Kate said...

Yes replace Newsboy with Conrad.

There is a good girl.

Conrad is hot.