Sunday, January 06, 2008

Another Year, A New Me?

Another Happy Belated New Year.

How to sum up 2007 is rather tricky, I experienced some of the worst moments of my life and some of the most joyous.

Never in a million years did this time last year I think I would be a member of the National Party, head over heels in love and survive being resuscitated.

I got to meet Diving into the Wreck and spend some amazing times with her and Pamziewamzie in both Wellington and Auckland. These girls are amazing.

I discovered that you have to be careful in who you think are true friends are unfortunately nothing but political allies (now enemies), and strangely it is them I feel the most sorrow for.

I met the man I am most probably going to marry, considering we have our childrens names picked, the type of car we wish to purchase initially and then one later to accommodate the number of said children, where we want to live, how I will be the one more involved more in politics than him and we are curretnly even looking at getting a place together even if it does not happen until end of Trimester One when I will have finished my BA.

I wish everyone the best for 2008 and to the Red Confec girls heading across the ditch I am going to miss you SO much.


1 comment:

Diving into the wreck said...

Aw gonna miss you too!

You'll have to come over for a holiday.

x love.