Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Holiday Activities

We've all suffered from sleepless nights because some fly with ADD has been buzzing around our room, landing on our nose every five minutes. It's excrutiating.

And of course I'm tempted to kill the little fuckers with flyspray, but that means I have to breathe it in myself, which is even more unpleasant. I just find it a bit off putting; I've seen what that stuff can do to insects - what to speak of the cells in my lungs?

There was also a particular New Years in Whangamata, when my girlfriends and I were lured into a tent full of boys for a sesh. I didn't partake in the ganja smoking that night, and about an hour later I was to witness all my friends chundering, as the bud had been sprayed with fly killer, to give it a "kick" or something, I don't know.

So flyspray is one of my less neurotic phobias.

Anyway, over the holidays I've been doing a bit of babysitting.

Forget movies and minigolf. Forget Dora the Explorer and Hannah Montana. Fly hunting is where it's all at. This is what I do: I roll up a copy of the latest New Zealand Herald (some use fly swats, but I prefer the satisfaction of covering bad media with fly guts), I demonstrate how to successfully thwack a fly and the kids follow. They love it, it's good exercise, and great for teaching kids how to concentrate and be quiet.

In fact, you may even find yourselves arguing over who gets to kill the last fly, as we did. Who would've known fly hunting could be such a hit?

AND it's environmentally friendly, although I wouldn't leave the squashed flies lying around if I were you... Everyone should try it this summer.

xx L

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Diving into the wreck said...

Feel free to bring the lil fly swatters over here.