Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"To Bridget - Just the way you are"

As some of you know, the Red Confectionery population is obsessed with the opposite sex. One particular Red Confectioner has limited her blog postings (you know who you are)for..........well details are certainly unnecessary. Hair has been GHDed, frequents visits to the beauty clinic have been arranged, Estee Lauder White Linen perfume 100ml bottle is now near empty, stupid jokes has been laughed at, dresses enhancing our best bits have been bought, and books, articles, Google searches on particular subjects that I for one don't give a toss about have been researched..... ALL in the name of the SAID SPECIMEN - the opposite sex.

The results vary - some of us like the darling Bridget Jones and that main girl off Pride and Prejudice (who i never remember the name of and probably the reason why i should have paid attention in English rather than perving at Mr Martin cute behind; never mind) seem to have found our Mark Darcy, while Others are still playing around with Daniel Cleaver.

Tuesday night viewing highlights has just gone up a whole new level with what could be the hit show of the month of February- "Rock of Love" aired on C4 - Tuesday nights at 9.30pm or 8.30??. Brett Michael's lead singer of that band that sang the infamous song " Every Rose has it's thorns" is looking for that special someone - the girl who will rock his world and oh poor him has 20 women to choose from. Last night 6 women's hearts were crushed and sent home. Brandi C (the annoying one) tho last one to be picked was lucky enough to be saved. Perhaps it was the heartfelt near spiritual nirvana promise she made to Brett Michaels - 3 wives, 4 girlfriends ...or was it the other way around. The girl is annoying and whiny. A soon to be favorite is Tiffany - staggering, slurring, mascara run eyes and one hell of a drunken mess that sure makes Brett Michael quest for love a whole lot more interesting.

Thought for the Day " Is anyone already sick of the shite reminders that Valentines is near?"

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welly_girl said...

there is a reminder notice on a certain someones bedroom board to organise something for valentine's day.

However, I remember last year being single I hated every couple around town. Instead I went to the gym for 3 hours.