Friday, January 25, 2008

The night where we fell in love with the new girl.

The new girl being - LitaBit

For the love of midweek tipples, viral (blogger) marketing and mostly the absolutely faboulous Kiwigirl being in Auckland - fellow bloggers and DPF trolls gathered together last Weds at the Chapel for drinks.

To be perfectly honest and full credit to foodtown wine sales, I can not recall a significant moments of the night except for few first (blogger drinker) observations:

1. Blogger drinks are all about self promotion.
2. Everyone predrinks before blogger drinks and are usually somewhere near tipsiness at arrival.
3. Farrar is going to be mentioned at some point.
4. Politics is mentioned usually initially by a male.
5. Bloggers and Trolls never look how you pictured them in your mind.
6. Photos are going to be taken (see below).


kiwigirl said...

ha ha ha - those photos are awful!

Isn't Lita great? I'm so in love a little.

God I'm hungover today (and back in DC!). Was sooooo great to meet you guys - and you absolutely have to come and vist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xxxxxxxxxx K

Lita said...

All I really recall is repeatedly asking folk "so, which troll on DPF's blog are you?" Then I asked them when they last got laid. All sensible questions in Lita's mind.

Uhoh. Now peop know what Lita looked like pre-op.

Diving into the wreck said...

Lita is lovely.

And yes K - we shall come and visit you!!

Blair said...

Oh noes!!1! Drunk Blair is... so drunk...

Falling for Lita is so LY ;o)

Rich said...

You should post these pics on Facebook so the mouseover thing shows who they are of.

I only recognise Mikee.

Diving into the wreck said...

they are on facebook.

You must not be our friend or something ha ha.

MikeE said...

Fuck me I'm sunburnt