Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bad Medicine

I am in love!

I have spent a long weekend travelling between Wellington and Christchurch and back all for the sake of seeing the one and only Bon Jovi.

The concert was awesome, with a crowd of about 30,000 people all on their feet dancing and singing along it was certainly the best concert I have ever been to. Jon Bon Jovi was fanastic - clad in leather I am sure he must of been melting but he did his butt wiggle and flashed that smile and every girl in the stadium must have gone weak at the knees coz I know I fell in love then.

Whilst in Chch I managed a few touristy things such as dragging the boys to the Cathedral (which I don't think minded) and Ballentynes as well as the Antarctic Centre and up the Gondola before departing yesterday afternoon.

Whilst it was a pleasant night for sailing by tummy did cope at all well I spent the better half of three hours rather ill aboard the ferry in the last hours and wee hours of this morning. Please to say I now safely back on land with no intentions of using the ferry any time in the near future.

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