Saturday, January 05, 2008

Best and Worst of 07

Happy belated New Year. I know it's the 5th, but I only just recovered from a very intense, week long music festival. Messy. I overestimated my ability to party and it finally caught up on me.

So, here goes:

Best 10 things of 2007:

1. Turning 21. It was the best day ever. I'm all into embracing old age with dignity.
2. My flat, and living with two other unbridled hedonists.
3. Being an unbridled hedonist and enjoying it because I didn't have as many responsibilities as usual. Realising and appreciating the importance of friends and family; for once in my life.
4. Meeting Diving Into The Wreck. (Although I think her name is unecessarily long.)
5. A delicious, non-mentally retarded male friend suddenly having the hots for me. The most amazing make out sessions ever.
6. Diet coke when Lulu has a hangover.
7. One particularly rowdy night with rolls of cash at a strip bar. We-hay!
8. Getting A-class grades at uni. A rare occurence.
9. My job. Discovering that looking after kids is possibly the best part time job a female student can have.
10. Ahmed Zaoui being let off the hook.

AND Buying a one-way, get-the-fuck-out-of-here plane ticket on Christmas Eve!!

Worst 10 things of 2007:

1. The death of an uncle on Valentines Day.
2. Being hit with an eye infection on New Years Eve, walking around the streets of Gisborne looking (through streaming, unbearably painful eyes) for a doctor and spending all my booze money on antibiotics and emergency GP callouts.
3. Baaaad gossip. Enough said.
4. Single-handedly driving between Auckland and Wellington.
5. Losing the love interest of the hot male friend, and the friendship. Reading He's Just Not That Into You and the truth not making it any bloody easier.
6. Eating a dodgy egg sandwich and killing the bug in my stomach by not eating for 24 hours.
7. Parking tickets.
8. The emergence of John Key. A good excuse to leave New Zealand.
9. Procastination of university assignments and the repercussions. Feeling like my tutors look down on me. In fact, being sure of it!
10. The hair wax. Burning of thigh skin. Yeeouch.

Happy 2008 homies!!

xx L

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