Monday, August 27, 2007

Camilla makes wise decision

Camilla has pulled out of a 10th anniversary memorial service for Diana, Princess of Wales.

What a wise decision! I am a loyal monarchist but even more loyal to Princess Diana and her memory. I think Camilla being at an event which celebrates Diana's life and remembers her is inappropriate considering the role she played in causing so much pain in Diana's life. Furthermore, Camilla is slowly picking up in the popularity polls after her marriage to Charles, and to attend Diana's memorial service would only tarnish her popularity and make her even further disliked by staunch Diana fans.


Lewis said...

Brilliant - if ever I needed evidence support for the monarchy is based on the popularity of the royals, this is it.

Anonymous said...

The monarchy is anti-democratic. If you support monarchy, you support dictatorship.

Lewis said...

Well not really - there are plenty of monarchies that are not dictatorships. Such as New Zealand. But then, that's because we are essentially a de facto republic.

Michael said...

True, but I can't get this fawning at Diana.

Princess Anne did (and still does) so much more charity work, but because she looks like one of Charles' polo horses she doesn't get the recognition she deserves.

Lewis said...

Charity work in Britain.

I mean, if we selected our head of state by philanthropy in New Zealand, we'd have a President Tindall. Not that I'd think that was a bad thing.

Craig Ranapia said...

No, WellyGirl, very unwise decision all around.

Sorry to write the Diana Cultists a reality check, but this was a private event. The Duchess of Cornwall was personally invited by Princes Harry and William and IMNSHO your opinion - or mine or however many "staunch Diana fans" want to expose their empty heads to a passing breeze by opening their mouths - is irrelevant, impertinent and (to be blunt) begging for a bitch-slap.

What a shame Harry and William won't show some spine, and walk the media gauntlet with their stepmother on their arms and dare anyone to even look at them sideways.