Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Doggie Delight

The Wellington City Council has installed a bronze shell near the main steps down to to the beach at Oriental Bay as a drinking fountain for dogs. This has been done due to demand for such measures from dog owners.

To install the scallop shell cast by renowned bronze artist Jonathan Campbell cost $2000. The shell caters for both small and large dogs as all can reach it to lap up some water after an energizing walk or run with their owners. The Council's Public Space Design Manager Geoffrey Snedden reiterated that the fountain caters for all canines stating "Even Paris Hilton's tiny dog would even be able to reach in for a drink if we had the good fortune to welcome Paris on a visit to our fair city."


Diving into the wreck said...

it seems that Welly girl is back!

Seamonkey Madness said...

Geoffrey Snedden should STFU. Paris Hilton visiting Wellington = good fortune? For who? The local drug dealers?

$2000 on a designer pooch fountain? Thats actually probably cheap, but I wouldn't go insofar as to say it is good value. Do I have a dog? No. So when do I get any benefit out of it?

Sorry if I am also not stupid enough to get my dog a drink before I go out and do my blue-steel walk along Oriental Bay with all the other posers and their dogs.

I would rather see my rates cut thank you. Does it have surcharge - not unlike for the Regional Stadium - for pooch fountains?

Rant over. Sorry WG. Nice to see you back!! =)