Thursday, August 30, 2007

Morals and Understanding Them

The Police already get enough flack for not being committed to fighting crime but rather sitting with speed guns waiting to fill supposed quotas, and now they want to introduce lessons in morality.

For starters whilst most people will agree on many issues morality, there are also going to be disagreements. I mean with statement that this will help "recognise evil" and "confront it more effectively" it sounds like something that Bush's advisors have given him about going to War in Iraq.

Whilst I am not critical of training which encourages officers to take a wide look at the scenario and to act with discretion and in a manner that is acceptable I think moral things can make it too complicated, especially if you have a devout Christian and an atheist in a situation.. for example. They will have some similar morals but also differ.

An understanding of differing morals from different cultures, races, religions etc is a good idea as it allows the Police to deal with situations with further knowledge of other factors.

Such training is being proposed after the findings of the Comision of Inquiry into Police Conduct.

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