Friday, August 31, 2007

Goodbye England's Rose

Today marks the 10 year anniversary since Diana, Princess of Wales, Queen of Heart, Lady Di, was killed in Paris.

Diana was a loyal friend, passionate about her charities, and most of all a caring and loving mother who wanted to give her sons the most normal life possible.

Diana took away stigmas from diseases such as AIDS by embracing and holding hands with sufferers, she went to land mine countries, and with her went the media. Diana knew this, and used it not to make herself look better, but to draw the world's attention to what is often kept hidden.

Diana, won the heart of Britons. They loved her youth and her innocence, she was the wonder Mum, and people felt they could relate to her and she spoke to them at their level. Despite her parting from Charles, Diana would always be the Princess and depite losing her HRH title formally, she was still called Her Royal Highness my many people and even her staff.

I remember finding out that Diana had died. I was 10, and I cried and cried and cried. It seems weird for a ten year old to be so upset at the death of someone who was the Mother to Prince William and Harry, someone I had never met, someone who had no connection to me. And yet I did. Diana was a symbol that anything can be overcome and just because you have an illness people may judge you, but she helped break down those judgements. Diana was my role model, and I had lost her. I think I also mourned for William and Harry, as someone who lost a parent at a young age I was sympathizing with them, and trying to imagine how much harder it must have been for them being constantly in the limelight.

I watched her funeral, I cried again, along with millions of other people. I listened to Elton John sing and went out and purchased the CD (which I still have today). Her candle may have burnt out, but her legend ever will.

Out of respect for Diana, and her family I will be removing any comments that are negative or attacking of her, or the Royal Family.


Paul said...

She once nearly ran over me when I was cycling past Buckingham Palace.

Is this a negative comment?

Anonymous said...

A loyal friend.. of yours?

Anonymous said...

diana was a dimwit and deserved what she got.