Monday, August 06, 2007

Sigma Omega Pi Launch Party

Tomorrow night is Sigma Omega Pi's launch party at The Establishment on Courtenay Place.

It costs $5 to attend with proceeds going to the Child Cancer Foundation, as well as some of the bar profits also going to the foundation such as $1.50 from the $3 shots.

You are entitled to one free drink as part of your entry donation.

Sigma Omega Pi is a sorority for women who attedn Victoria University of Wellington. It was established in May this year and membersip is growing and the sorority hopes to become a non-profit organisation in the Wellington area. They work closely with the brother Fraternity "Beta Omega Chi".


MikeE said...

Sority in NZ? sweet, more panty raids?

welly_girl said...

Yes, this is the only known sorority in NZ, and the same with the fraternity. both hope to establish chapters at other universities in the future

Rich said...

Sounds dreadful. Why don't you guys just go and be overseas students at Podunk U or someplace rather than importing stupid american ideas here?

Next thing you know you'll be giving everything to do with uni affected names like calling first years "froshes" and uni "varsity". And pretending you know Latin.. And letting musclebound jocks who failed NCEA do special courses for the braindead so that the "varsity" can win at sport.