Monday, August 20, 2007

It's Good to Be Back

I am now back in my flat, in my bed, back at work with my computer and big office chair, and with that means a whole lot of emails to go through, accounts to bill and lucky me gets to come back to have to do the whole payroll process as well.

It was great to be back in my flat yesterday, as much as I love home and being fed well and having pretty much everything done for me (washing, ironing etc) my flat is my home too and getting into my bed last night was absolute bliss, and when my alarm went off at half six this morning I had no problems getting up.

I am completely unaware of any large political problems that have occurred in the last week, so I presume nothing too bad, although I had heard something about stock market taking massive tumble, so once I am back in with all the news I will be able to write a decent blog ranting about something that has either gone wrong or right, I may even do something on the health system

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