Tuesday, August 07, 2007

From VUWSA to Mayor

2006 VUWSA President Nick Kelly has announced that he will be contesting the Wellington Mayoralty as the Worker's Party (formerly the anti-capitalist alliance) candidate.

Kelly is currently a Stagecoach staff member and even drives a few buses on the Route to the University. He ran for a second term on VUWSA, but was beaten by current VUWSA President Geoff Hayward.

Kelly is standing to
1."raise the many issues facing workers, students, beneficiaries and other people struggling to survive in Wellington which are continually ignored by this council.(WCC)"
2."to help build a new workers political movement that fights to end capitalist exploitation and to a build a socialist society"

His first reason is fair enough and is directly related to the constituents of the Wellington City Council, but his second aim seems to be more appropriate if he was standing for Central Government rather than local government.

The Workers Party are also standing mayoralty candidates in other NZ cities.

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Heine said...

And I hope he is unsuccessful in his bids for local or central Govt. Thank goodness for the apathy at VUWSA that elected somebody else and got rid of him.