Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ducking for Cover

So it is not only dogs that Wellington City Council and catering for but also ducks.

The pond in the Botanical Gardens is going to be dredged to clean out the muck that has washed into the pond over recent years. Such a clean out is required to take place every five to seven years because otherwise it becomes to shallow for the ducks.

The council has advised that anyone who likes going to feed the ducks should wait until work is over for safety reasons and because the removed debris and silt could stink.

The acting Botanic Gardens manager has advised "people don't need to worry about the ducks... they find somewhere quiet to hangout while work is underway and then return of their own accord"


G7 said...

could you post anything more irrelevant to people?

This site use to be half-decent, but now, it sucks more than the vacuum left by Helen Clark's poll dive

welly_girl said...

It is actually not irrelevant to people. Some people specifically visit the Botanical Gardens to feed the ducks.

And as always if you don't like what we post you don't have to read.

Clyde said...

"We" and who Anna? No offence to you, you're most welcome to post what you like up here but isn't a little disrespectful to Pam and Sophia who set this up as a left wing political blog to keep it going when they jumped ship ages ago?

welly_girl said...

If Pam or Sophia asked me to shut the blog I would.

Furthermore, I may not even be around much longer either.