Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Stripping Back the Truth

After Rudd recently being outted for visiting a strip club in New York now John Key has come out stating that he too has visited a strip club, although it was in his younger days and that they are overrated.

The Media have picked up on this theme and have been asking other MPs whether they too have visited such establishments.

Not suprisingly Winston was not too keen on such questioning.

I have no problems whether MPs have been to strip clubs in their past or even if they go whilst MPs, so long as they pay for everything out of their own pocket. Strip Clubs are just a form of entertainment and if people wish to visit them they have that right.

I personally have never been in one, almost did once with Pamzie and DPF but I had gone home before they entered it. I refuse to pay to go and see naked women who have no appeal to me (and even if free it does not appeal), and from what I have been told the strippers in Mermaids, Santa Fe and Licks are not all that attractive.


Pamela said...

Argggh thanks for pointing that out!

MPs visiting strip bars doesn't sit well with me - if they view women as objects in that environment, then what to say of the way they regard women in society?

But then, everyone seems to do it. So I can't blame them for being normal. In fact, politicians should be more normal...

P.S. Have you never actually been to one? My my, you have led a sheltered life...

welly_girl said...

Objectifying women is not good and does not stand well with me. But part of me is also like that is chosen job and we should respect them for that too.

P.S. I have honestly never been to one, and not because I am sheltered I just have no desire to go there and especially don't want to have to pay for something I don't want. That's just basic economics.

Heine said...

I think the women in such clubs objectify the customers are walking cash machines :)

I used to go to Lixx to have a laugh and the women there were bloody good fun to have a drink or three with. None of them would be comfortable with the theory that they were simply objects.

Anonymous said...

Well Pamela, what about Male strip clubs being visited by female MP's.
Do you have a problem with that?

Then what to say of the way they regard men in society?

Ps. there are plenty of nice girls at Santa fa, even some nice Men for you to peep at, enjoy and don't be so narrow minded.