Thursday, June 28, 2007

An end to a decade

Last night i got to catch snippets of Blair's resignation and his standing ovation. 10 years as prime minister is pretty impressive!... all i can say is well done Mr Blair!


welly_girl said...

Yeah, despite him going to be forever linked with Iraq, people need to remember all the other stuff he has done.

He was a very young PM when Diana died and he helped resolve the situation between the Queen and the British Public very well.

Goodbye Mr Blair.

MM - on another note home is good, but I am sick and right now am sky high on the quite cocktail of drugs.

Rich said...

I think it's not that hard to stay in office for 10 years when your have a totally undemocratic voting system and five year terms.

molly may said...

well rich that i didnt you may have probably noticed from my previous blog...i am the least politically aware out of all the contributers!