Thursday, June 14, 2007

Gordon Copeland

For a pretty political no body amongst most people, Gordon Copeland has certainly managed to get himself a whole lot of attention recently.

His latest news is that he will switching his proxy vote from Labour to National for matters which are not of confidence or supply (yay)

My favourite part of the article is this:
"I want to take this opportunity also to announce that Future New Zealand, the new party which I am co-leading with former MP Larry Baldock, will not work with, or be part of, a Labour-led government following the 2008 elections," Mr Copeland said.
I mean as if Future New Zealand really have a decent chance of getting into Parliament, i think that if they branded themselves as Family First their odds may be slightly increased.


Lewis said...

I can't understand why all the Christian conservative parties don't get together. It almost worked for the Christian Coalition back in the 90s. In 2008, there's going to be at least three major Christian parties - Future NZ, United Future and Destiny.

Heine said...

If you know the constituency for the United Future party then I can tell you now that the vast majority would be glad Copeland is aligning with National.

United was part National Part the right of Labour when it was created. The party mostly died out but was boosted by little parties coming all from the right (and all against Labour).

Of course Copeland is dreaming if he thinks he will be back under his new political banner. However the worm created Peter Dunne and we won't know what will happen next time except that National will soak up a lot of votes from both sides!

Rich said...

Same reason they have thousands of different churches. Only the one they believe in holds the True Faith!

Plus, just like Tamaki wouldn't get to be bishop and steal poor people's money if he was in a mainstream church - Copeland gets to tell his grandchildren he was the leader of a Real Political Party With an MP, albeit for just over a year.