Monday, June 18, 2007

Winter Whinge

I feel that anyone planning on travelling to Wellington any time soon needs to pack their winter woollies as winter has well and truly arrived - I am freezing.

My flat is quite warm but I have been adding an extra duvet the past couple of nights because it has been chilly. Work is freezing (it is always hot in summer and cold in winter) and whilst the rain has currenly eased and there is not even wind their is an icy chilliness in the air.

I am off to Hawkes Bay on Friday where I am going on holiday for 9 days, where it is not much warmer either so I have been told. Is there anywhere in NZ where it is warm currenly - except the far north???

This afternoon I am going to be ever so productive and make a pot of coffee and sit with my slippers and big polar fleece jacket on and watch oprah and ellen and attempt to get warm.

And one also knows winter has arrived when Shorty Street start advertising their one hour Mondays - no step class for this chicky dee on a Monday night anymores I think.


gliderguider said...


gliderguider said...


Insolent Prick said...

Global warming hasn't yet hit Wellington, and it won't until that frosty bitch of a prime minister vacates her office.