Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Booze Hags

Christchurch police are worried amount the severity of intoxication they are finding amongst young women.

Inspector Knowles is concerned that some girls are SO drunk that they are unable to stand and can not give directions to taxi drivers to get them home, when Police put them into a taxi.

The Police are concerned that these girls are a target for assault and rape.

In Wellington recently there has been a number of attacks and rapes on Young women in the wee hours of the morning - often when they are on their way home after drinking. It is extremely concerning.

I know that unless I have a boy to walk home with I am more than happy to pay about $10 for my taxi ride home if it means I get their safely - some say I am paranoid, I refer to say that I am cautious. It also means I can curl up in bed quicker.

The Establishment on Courtenay Place, is now using its courtesy van to take people, especially girls, home when they have finished their dancing and drinking, in an attempt to help make sure their patrons are safe and being looked after.

Salient have also looked at the safety of women on the streets of Wellington.

I do not think that the amount that is being drunk can be changed, legislation would not work and I do not think education is really changing young girls minds either - however I think introductions of courtesy vans is good, and even the police placing you in a taxi is good (so long as it is not a dodgy option)

I would actually like students associations to look into the matter, as quite often these young girls are students, and possibly somehow work with local community groups ie councils and police to see what can be done to help with the situation we are currently faced with.

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Heine said...

Student Associations are too busy fighting with each other and holding inquorate meetings to discuss useless bits of Association rules and processes.

Of course they should be, as it would be beneficial to all students who are forced to join them. Of course though you are stuck with the question that why should non drinking and responsible students be funding this as well. :) Possibly a voluntary VUWSA could make it a service for their members?