Monday, June 11, 2007

Kitty Cat

On Saturday I got a kitten, it was very spur of the moment.

I went to animates just to have a look because I am not allowed animals in my apartment and to also get some toys for my cat which lives in Hawkes Bay. There was a little kitten who no one wanted because she has a weepy eye so needs to have her face washed by a person each day (which she loves having done) and so I spoke to the staff and they said she was free to a good home so I adopted her.

I then rung my mother to say that she would be getting another cat and should this kitten not get on with my other cat then my Gran will get the kitten.

This meant that I stayed home on Saturday to play with the kitty and missed going to town, where I was going to have a drink with Andrew and some of my other friends ended up partying with the All Blacks - I was kinda gutted but my cute kitten who I have is so worth missing out on some AB time.

PS Andrew I owe you a drink or five!

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