Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Insignificance of Retail

Hey Miss Molley May and All,
Well Molly May invited me to this thang, so I guess I'm an official blogger now. Last day working at Sussans ever and hopefully the last day working in retail too!
I'm tired of selling my soul for a companys commercial gain. Meaningless, mindless work!
The staff there sure were nice, that said!
I know one thing for sure, I never want to work a nine till five job for longer than a year!!! Ever!
I know Miss Molly May knows what I'm talking about too! She can share in my relief that it's over!

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molly may said...

: yah welcome Ammo!!....ah my body aches so much after lifting all that Sussan crap!...i look forward to reading ur future blog entries