Tuesday, June 19, 2007

stuck in 99

Its been probably just over a week since my existence in the whole social network/ virtual world has expanded aka Bebo. It seems that everyone is on Bebo and admitingly being the geekazoid i am; i have also been sucked into it. Now being an ex university tutor and essay marker, i always wondered why so many 17/18 year old students couldnt write to save themselves during lab time. Then i come across all these Bebo profiles aka friends of my little brother who is also 17 and find this.

"hAe uM Wat u uP Tah....FuLlY DnT No hU U R Ae bWt u nO HaLaH AiTe"

"Ch...Ch...Chek dIz OwT yAlL....DiS bE yO BrAda 4rM aNaDaH MadaH!!!!! WeL dah nAmEzzZZz VuGa TaGicAkIbAu....n yea 7Th 4mah WtC. Dwn 2 Earf tyPa gUy, Luv mah RuGby, Luv Makin n Meetin frIenDz...OlD oR nEw...ImAh B dWn 4 iT...So yEa gUyz TrEaT mE lYk r BrAdAh n Iyl TreAt u Lyk mAh LuvEr!!!JoAx pEEpz. C YaHz rWnd!!!"

Ah okay, i'll just waste 10 minutes and look up my code deciphering manual so i can actually decipher all this goobleygook.


welly_girl said...

It is like torture trying to read it - I have no idea why they do it.

It hurts my eyes :(

gliderguider said...

Whether spoken ghetto talk or written it's just the modern igpay atinlay. Outsiders (especially adults) aren't supposed to understand it. Unfortunately it doesn't work.

Pamela said...

Oh god. I had an ex boyfriend that texted like that, he was lovely but that really annoyed me! I felt so anal for telling him off about it.

molly may said...

ha ha ha, well i think any guy who WriTes liK this deserves to be shoved. (perhaps too harsh).
Perhaps im oldfashioned but dont we learn that capital letters are at the beginning of words not in the f$&%#n middle of them.

Damian said...

Good on you Molly May, that text is absolutely madness. I have no idea what it means and cannot be bothered trying - it's an eye sore to read.

You really wonder how hard it is - sure some people aren't naturally good with words but that doesn't stop them using a spell check.

It drives me mad seeing that rubbish.

molly may said...

Thank you Damian,