Thursday, June 07, 2007

Money buys you Migration

Rich migrants to NZ will not have to be able to speak a word of English as it will be there money that will do all the talking to the extent of $20 million.

Of the $20 million that these new rich investors - "global investors" - have $5 million will be required to be placed into local companies or used to start new businesses or some form of "active" investment.

The "professional investor" have to have $10 million and must place $2 million into active investment and "general investors" myst have $2.5 Million and be able to invest semi-actively.

The number of immigrants allowed in under this new system will be 1000, so around 300 applicants once family members are also brought into the picture.

This is certainly an attempt to fix up the scheme the government has been usiing where investor migrants were required to deposit money with the Government, obviously the Government realised that that was the best idea to attract foreign investor migrants.

Whilst this scheme may be good for NZ business I object to these migrants not having to have a minimum level of English speaking skills, especially if they are going to be involved in business.


peteremcc said...

More government rules and regulations that are designed to fix problems that are caused by other, different, government rules and regulations.

If we treated everyone the same in the first place, we wouldn't have to treat people differently to fix the problem.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Racist AND stupid.

Investing in business is a different form of "involvement" which really does not require English skills at all. It doesn't mean they'll be in a hands-on role running a Public Service department or anything.

peteremcc said...

Not sure whether you're aiming that at me or welly_girl.

All i'm saying is that everyone should be equal. That could mean letting everyone in without english, or letting no-one in without english, or somewhere in the middle.

Randominanity said...

"If they've got 20 million they can afford an interpreter"

David Cunliffe said that yesterday.

welly_girl said...


wow. if you are going to call me racist and stupid you could at least not be a gutless coward and give me your name.

I am sorry but it is not racist to expect people who are migrating to your country to be able to speak some english, if I was moving to a non English speaking country I would attempt to learn at least the basics of their language.

Rich said...

Maybe they'll build busineses that trade with China or whereever and create jobs.

Personally I think they should just cut the crap and auction 1000 residencies to the highest bidder.

Anonymous said...
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