Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Not Just a Pretty Face

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen has commented on the birth control and sexual behaviour in Brazil, and believes that despite Brazil being the largest Roman Catholic country in the world women should have the right to choose to terminate a pregnancy and that opposition to condoms is ridiculous.

Gisele points out the reality of STI's and this is why it is so ridiculous to ban them, especially as the no sex before marriage is clearly outdated in today's world, a world which when the church's rules were laid out marriage was something virgins entered into.

I think that having such a high profile star support birth control and the right to choose is fantastic especially in a country where such measures are desperately needed.


Damian said...


I dont mind about the condom thing but do you think the right to keep a child is held exclusively with the woman? does the man not have a right to say or have a part in the decision?

You will note that her comments also probably have a personal motivation, do a wikipedia and see who her man is.....he is a freaking legend but likely has kids all over the show.

Seriously, though, I don't think it is right for a woman to exclusively have the choice to terminate unless it was by means of rape or where her/baby's life was threatened by the pregnancy. I think the man has a say as well.

Personally I do not support abortion but I accept that it does happen. Nevertheless regardless of my view I think you should advocate a shared choice.

DS said...

Wow! What is happening to this blog? It's gone all rational and unemotional. As I write this I wonder if Welly Girl is not another of Pamzie's alter egos attempting to make a point???

welly_girl said...

DS I assure I am my own person, no alter egos exist on our blog.

welly_girl said...

Damian - I am pro choice and always have been so I do have a biased view as well.

If a woman is in a position that she can reasonably discuss with a man the option of termination then thats great that they can come to a decision together, however if he wants the baby and she doesn't then it is her right to be able to have a termination, if he had wanted a baby then it is his responsibility to find a woman who is willing to carry it. (we looked at this in one of my papers this semester - very VERY heated discussions)

Anonymous said...

If people don't want the risk of disease or possibility of kids - they shouldn't f*ck. Simple as that.

Damian said...


Why is it her right?

The implicit argument is that she has more "ownership" of the child than the man. Does this also mean, if born, you believe the mother has more rights as a parent than the father?

Pamziewamzie said...

Welly girl is not me, and last time I checked, my alter egos on the blogosphere were down to zero.

Funny how you STILL keep reading and making time for comments DS.