Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hitting the Town

Last night may have been really crap weather but I had a brilliant night.

Started at Occidental with Andrew and then Mike and Chris also from ACT joined us for some drinks, DPF had text at 9pm stating he had already had 10 shots and so was invited to join us, as he never turned up either at Occi or Matterhorn one presumes he was too intoxicated to leave St Johns.

We moved onto Matterhorn and proceeded drinking and smoking and had some really good conversations, including how much I dislike a certain political editor - who then happened to turn up two minutes later, talk about burning ears.

We headed over to JJ's arriving about 12ish (i think) where we bumped into Jordan Carter, Jeremy and his wife, Josh co-president of NZUSA and Hannah (who used to be in ACT?). Josh and Hannah stayed on with us at JJ's once the others left and some good debate went on about VSM and CSM. Note that this was at 2:30am!!!

Josh left us here and Andrew, Hannah, Mike and I proceeded to Electric Avenue, where we drank these HUGE cocktails that tasted like raro with a massive hit of vodka. We boogied to some 80s music where we came across an Irish guy who was convinced he had met me in Tauraunga last weekend and I had told him I was from Chile, and his mate an English guy who it turned out knows my cousin!

After being kicked out of here at 4 it was on to Jet, Estab and Maya all of which were shut so we ended up at Kitty's. Me and Hannah danced up a storm on the dance floor where we had an audience as we did a line dance/square dance to Cotten Eye Joe, bloody fabulous. We had a few admirers including a scary Samoan guy who though we were his own personal dance team to watch (creepy!) and these two guys who told us these were 15 and 17, looked about 18 or 19 but were actually 22! But it was so much fun just dancing with everyone who was still out at this time, most of us incredibly gone.

I headed home about 5:30 it must have been, with Hannah carrying on with the randoms to Vespa. On the whole a damn good night, a night well needed, great company, heaps of fun and certainly the latest I have been out in a while, last time was probably St Paddy's day when Josh and I got home about 5ish I think.


snoopy said...

I saw you in Kity's... getting rather comfortable with a male.

kiwigirl said...

God I love those kind of nights!

BTW -----

St Johns?

Like the old school St Johns. Which closed god 10 years ago?

Where (to show my age) - I spent every night when I was in Wellington in 1995?

xx K

welly_girl said...

St John's the old ambulance building down on the waterfront (cable street)

It was a really good night, I hope another one is not too far away. Spent most of yesterday sleeping.