Sunday, July 22, 2007

Another Great Weekend

The Cake

Me and Cate

The Birthday Girl

Blanket Girl and Me

80s Instructor and Me

Arresting the Hobbo

So yet again I have had a really good and big weekend.

Friday started at 5pm at Dog and Bone, moving onto Motel, Hummingbird and Establishment throughout the night and I think we climbed into bed about 2:30 ish.
I helped make sure a guy was ok after being knocked out and cracking his head open (I think I may end up going into the medical profession) as Scott and Andrew rated the punch that he had got to send him to the ground.

Last night was my good friend's 21st and lots of people from the hostel were there and it was SO awesome to catch up with them and see my old room mate. It was good to see how people see themselves if not studying. Dodgy Rob made some statement that I will not put on here then proceeded with "that's not a come on but a complimet" - I think he had had five too many bourbons. I proceeded into town afterwards and met up with my darling friend at our bar who in drag as Ginger Spice, which on a whole other note made me see there are some real tossers in this world who made unnecessary comments to the girls as we went to Courtenay Place. And I also got the obligatory "arrest me officer" and "i've been a bad boy".

When I got home I continued to read my Harry Potter Book and finally went to sleep getting up about half an hour ago.

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molly may said...

we need more dress up parties here in Aucks....god my social life has like totally dwindled....thanks to having no money!

everyone is reading harry potter....i still got to start the first book before i even attempt reading the last ha ha