Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Order of the Phoenix

Last week I went and saw what everyone (including myself) has been talking about. I even booked the tickets and sat through it with crowds of people half my height. Harry Potter. And as Ron would say, it was bloody brilliant!

I guess a few critics haven't been as enthusiastic. The movie has been criticised for having a plot that is too complicated and difficult to follow. I beg to differ. The fantastic plot has been what has attracted so many people to the world of Harry Potter; the books at least. It wouldn't be a Harry Potter movie if it didn't follow the Harry Potter story, duh.

Something that I have suspected for a while also appeared for me in the movie. I think that Rowling may be commenting on issues that have been around in the past few years, such as terrorism and class struggles. (Well, both have been around for ages haven't they..) In the wizarding world pureblood wizard families don't like muggle borns, etc... And Voldemort operates in a way similar to terrorism; using secrecy, and instilling fear in people.

Very sophisticated for a kids movie.

And the tension between Ron and Hermione? You could cut it with a ladle.

I do have some qualms, however. A real Harry Potter actor should have green eyes and messy hair. Radcliffe had neither. He's also developed a bit of musclage. Which is great, we all like that, but to me Harry is supposed to be a very vulnerable person. And what use are muscles when you have a magic wand... I guess Warner Brothers needs to make money.

Hermione's actress is also extremely pretty, and by no means has frizzy hair, which is how Rowling describes her in the book. I'm sorry but she doesn't. This annoys me for some reason.

The actresses that played Umbridge and Luna on the other hand were very ideal. Like the book, I absolutely hated Umbridge. And Voldemort? Terrifying :)

It may not have been as good as the book, but David Yates has definitely done it some justice. I thoroughly recommend this movie.

Can't wait till the 21st. Can't. Bloody. Wait.


Harry Potter's biggest fan


peteremcc said...

Pre-ordered yet?
It sounds like the whole of wellington will be at Borders on saturday :D

welly_girl said...

I know its great!

I can't wait to see the movie, and read the book. However that does require finding time.


Craig Ranapia said...

The movie has been criticised for having a plot that is too complicated and difficult to follow.

Sorry, I don't get that. I think the books are really rather bad - plots that hit every fantasy plot and character cliché squarely on the head, in prose that is competent but dull (and increasingly bloated). AFAIC, Rowling is the kid-lit equivalent of rice pudding. Agreeable enough, but God it's bland.

But I was pleasantly surprised to find the latest movie rather enjoyable - and I think a lot of it is down to director David Yates' background in British TV drama - where you don't have time or money to fan-wank over the sets or production design. You've just got to set up a clean narrative line, and tell it quickly and clearly.

Also rather nice to see the cast (particularly the central trio) being encouraged to deliver performances, rather than being treated like just another FX element.