Thursday, July 26, 2007

Labour Love

Is it that anyone who dares to question the status quo in the Labour Party either gets kicked out, excluded or personally attacked and left with no choice but to resign?

There was the Princes Street(basically a Young Labour branch) and Young Labour scenarios and now it is happening in the wider party with Lisette Taylor, the former treasurer in Mrs Hartley's Northcote electorate council (LEC), claiming she was dumped "for refusing Mrs Hartley's request to falsify electorate committee records for tax avoidance purposes at the LEC meeting in April".

Ms Taylor had been the LEC Treasurer for nine years and the Auckland region treasurer for two, and yet Ann Hartley states that "She has been dropped from every other position in the Labour Party. She has driven everybody ... she's a very difficult person." Why would a difficult person be given such important positions?

Is she only difficult because she would not falsify documents to avoid tax?

Maybe Labour should look at lowering tax and then they would not have to be faced with having to potentially commit tax fraud.


Cactus Kate said...

Welly Girl has officially turned BLUE.


Labour love taxes....for everyone else.

Bill Phillips said...

Welly girl is a bitter idiot that got dumped due to incompetence from what I can see... you should move on, and stop dwelling in an era that you created.

Heine said...

Hey Welly Girl, looks like Bill Phillips has just proved you 100% right. Not only do people who disagree with Labours hard line policies get blackballed, they also get abused.

Nice work Bill, you have shown me once again why I am really glad I quit Labour all those years ago!

Barnsley Bill said...

the electorate accounting fiddles will blow soon surely. I suppose it will be left to wishart to expose? What chance of the IRD actually looking at it.
And Bill Phillips, what kind of twat are you? Did you not read the first few lines of the post before you sprayed.

Anonymous said...

That happened to Hon Alex Foulkes who got screwed as well. He would have been good for PSL