Thursday, July 05, 2007

Sick of being Single?

10 Signs You're Afraid of Commitment
Elina Furman, author of "Kiss and Run", tells why you may be a single girl.

(THIS JUST IN: Single women are now the fastest-growing segment of the population)

Top 10 Signs You're Commitment-Phobic:

1) You have a long and elaborate list of requirements for your ideal mate.

2) You go from one short-lived relationship to the next.

3) You have a habit of dating "unavailable" men.

4) You consider your married friends' lives boring and think they settled for less.

5) You stay in relationships that are rocky and offer little hope of commitment.

6) You back out of plans at the last minute and have trouble setting a time for dates.

7) You cultivate large networks of friends at the expense of a single romantic relationship.

8) You have a lot of relationship trauma in your past.

9) You career is very important to you and you often choose work over relationships.

10) You are constantly blowing "hot" and "cold" in your relationships.

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