Wednesday, July 04, 2007

We Lost

We lost the America's Cup by ONE second!

Alinghi were 7 seconds ahead at the first marker, and then Team NZ were ahead 14 seconds at the second marker, Team NZ got a penalty in the 3rd leg and were required to do a 360 degree turn, and due to angles etc etc Alinghi just managed to sneak past us, to secure them a win in Race 7 and the America's Cup.

This is not rugby where we tend to crucify the Coach and Captain if we lost the World Cup, so will Barker's head roll - afterall this is his second defeat in the America's Cup as Skipper.


Seamonkey Madness said...

Oh wow, he only won the Louis Vuitton Cup challenger series and won 2 matches against the current holder of the Auld Mug.
It's not as if he was racing against a team of spotty prep college guys with daddy's trust fund yacht. (wellll....)
It was against Brad Freaking Butterworth and a bunch of other Kiwis. Can't we be proud of that also? It's not as if we lost it 5-zip either.

And apparently the Government got a good investment for "their" money. Out of the $34m they "pumped" into the campaign, Mallard has said that they clawed back somewhere in the vicinity of $22m from taxes on contractors etc.


welly_girl said...

I agree with you - I think we should proud that at the end of the day it was a kiwi who one!

Maybe not Team NZ, but the reality many of us would be tempted to go to another compant for better money.

Alinghi is the not the only syndicate packed with Kiwis.

Whilst a TEAM NZ victory would have been nice, I do think we should be proud of ALL our guys over there.

molly may said...

yes a TEAM NZ victory would have been nice. Neitherless TEAM NZ did a great job considering Barker was going against old Butterworth who is like a sailing veteran well coming up to be.

gliderguider said...

America's Cup yachting these days is a lot like building rockets and missiles during the cold war. The USA was fortunate in that their Germans were better than the Germans the Soviets grabbed.

Congratulations to the kiwi "tight five", who have now won four America's Cups on the trot, including being the first to successfully defend it outside the USA and now the first to successfully defend it in Europe.

And congratulations to Team New Zealand, who showed a lot of other teams how it is done, and made Alinghi work for it more than any other America's Cup winner has had to since before our hostesses were born.

Rich said...

Yeah, I don't see the Germans not cheering for Schumacher just because he drove an Italian car.