Monday, July 02, 2007

I'm Back

After just over a week of not so tropical weather, I am back in Wellington and therefore also back at work.

Have a massive pile of emails to reply to which can wait until after I go and get my coffee for the morning.

My week away was nice and relaxing, where I went to coffee at least once a day with fmaily or friends or both, and had a morning at the beauticians and had plenty of quality time with my two girls. All was well until I got horribly sick and ended up spending the final few days tucked up in bed with the electric blanket on, watching DVDs or Brendan Pongia on Good Morning.

Please to be back in the city, although not quite home yet as currently living in a very nice apartment down on the waterfront for a few days, so once I am home and uni starts back next week reality will set back in.

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