Monday, July 23, 2007


New Research shows that women who smoke are more likely to experience early menopause.

There is evidence that smoking later in life makes a woman more likely to have early menopause, while smokers who quit before middle age may not be affected. They investigated the relationship further and determined if exposure to second-hand smoke might also influence the timing of menopause.

Compared with married women, widows were also at increased risk of early menopause, as were women who said they were in poor health. More educated women were less likely to go into menopause early, but they were also less likely to be smokers.

High social participation also cut early menopause risk. The researchers found no link between coffee or alcohol consumption or passive exposure to smoke and early menopause risk.

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allana christine said...

Yay, menopause research. Women over 40 are not invisible after all!