Monday, July 02, 2007

May she rest in Peace

July 1 1961 Lady Diana Spencer was born, yesterday would have been her 46th Birthday and her two sons marked it by throwing a huge concert in her honour.

This year marks ten years since the death of Princess Diana, a death which saw public mourning like never before and the flag at Buckingham Palace lowered to half mast, this had never been done for any royal, let alone someone who know longer held their "Her Royal Highness" title any longer. (being stripped after the divorce from Charles)

With all the controversy and conspiracies surrounding her death I think that this concert was a nice way to remember dianan and all the good work she did. Some called her an opportunist, but she made it ok for people to shake hands with people with AIDS, she brought a smile to the faces of people she met, she visited the poorest peoples and the most horrific places, she really was the People's Princess and may she rest in peace.

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Anonymous said...

Are you retarded? Diana made it Ok? That hadn't happened before then? By the time Diana had come on the scene, AIDS was old news. Still killing people, but old news.