Thursday, July 26, 2007

This is a public announcement!

This is a call for support from people who believe that written PDA (public display of affection) should be banned from all social networking sites (Bebo, Myspace, Facebook, Tagged, and so on).

To the people who are guilty of this:

1. Its great that you think your current boyfriend is so wonderful, sexy, and you miss him so much since you haven't seen him all morning. We don't. It is called email or text message. Keep these things private.

2. Remove these words from your online dictionary- Snuggles, sexy, sweetest, love, the love of my life, sweetie, precious..... that is all i can think of- i am sure you and your other half will have words that you use often to express your dying love and devotion to each other- these words make us; the general public grab the nearest bucket and dry reach until our throats cant take the pain.

3. Visual images- So you spent an afternoon gazing into your lovers eyes and have captured this using the magical art of photography. Good for you- a kodak moment.
When selecting and pasting photos of you and your current beau, be mindful that your friends, work colleagues and possibly your mother will actually view these images.

4. Profile photo - the picture that displays you to the world of bebo, myspace, facebook and well many others. This picture can either define the real you or make you look like a complete loser and dweeb. It needs to be said but profile pictures of you and your beau cuddling up together, or gazing into each other eyes and any other pictures that represent 80s/90s romantic cheese makes you look like a complete loser.
At the same time- it pains the eyes of innocent victims who pretty soon have to contact the Dr Shroff eye charity hospital.

5. It is just sickening.

To everyone else who is subjected to written PDA, we sympathize with you and ask you to talk to your friends who are guilty of this or send this link to them.
Show your support!

From the mind of Diving into the wreck of oblivion.

1 comment:

welly_girl said...

Fantastic post! The odd "oh aren't they sweet" moment is fine, and a couple of kissing ones in your albums but not as your profile picture and not the make me vomit comments when he or she has been gone for an hour - I agree keep those for text and email. The only who wants to know you miss their sexy eyes and fabulous bottom is your other half.

Rant done!