Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dilly of a Pickle

My friend has her 21st on Saturday night and the theme is "what would you be if you weren't at uni". I can't decide between the following options:

- Movie Star (ie go as Marilyn Munroe or Dorothy)
- Pop Star (go as a spice girl)
- Opera Singer (wear a ball dress and long gloves)
- A Princess (Go as cinderella or snow white)
- A Nurse
- A Cop
- A Politician (go as either Helen Clark or Jenny Shipley)

I am having dinner with her tonight so thought I would discuss my options then, but I am looking forward to dressing up. I may be almost 21 (less than 3 months to go) but dressing up is always fun


wg#1fan said...

You will be a sexy thing no matter what! I suggest something low cut and tight - show off your assets.

Saw you in the establishment looking might fine on Friday night. I would not mind taking you home ;)

Pamziewamzie said...

You hot thaaaang Welly Girl!! That's a really good idea for a 21st, and I can steal it. Unfortunately half my friends don't go to university...

Isn't it cool that my b'day is on the 6th and your's is on the 7th?

molly may said...

oooh that is really a good idea...although im no longer at uni! ha ha ha...

Cactus Kate said...

Go as Jenny, you get to shag Burton as opposed to Peter.

welly_girl said...

Ok, so went to costume hire place as had decided on cop. However, the NZ Police don't like police costumes being worn because of people impersonating them etc etc, so I still have a cop outfit but it is stripper cop!!!

Black PVC Hat, aviator, baton, and the black dress states "sergeant sexy" on it.

So what would wellygirl do if not at uni - strip or serve the community? Its up to one's interpretation of the outfit I say.

PS my so called fan, you are creepy

welly_girl said...

Pamzie - I know it is a great idea, and it is very cool about our birthdays.

I am thinking of doing something like "the 90s" seeing as that was most my childhood (I see Spice Girls)