Sunday, July 15, 2007

Weekend Mischief and Photos

Let the weekend begin


Look at me

Lozza and Me


A Horse of Course

Guard of Honour - because a witch always needs her Ghostbusters

Team 5

Geoff, Me and Bubbles

Me, Bubbles, Alison and Hand Guy

Me and Mike Heine

Julz and Me

Geoff, Bubbles, Witch and Carl

Dusty the Beer Warden/Fairy

Bubbles, Me, Hands Dude and Alison

Bubbles and Me with Vodka and Apple Juice

My best friend and me

Team 5 Hate Girl, Shagadelic Jimmy and Me

Andy and Me (Go the Establishment)

Alison and Me

Alison and Dusty

I have had a really good weekend, except for the fact that I am currently at work by my own choice! And must go home later and do my readings for class and prepare for my seminars.

Friday was planned to be a quiet night, however its started at 3:30pm Friday afternoon when I ended up going on a Black Friday Pub Crawl as "Sparkle the Black Friday Good Witch" (my costume was pulled together half an hour before hand)

So most the night was spent on the Pub Crawl where goodness knows how much I drank but it was so much fun. I left the Big Kumara at 1:15am on Saturday to join Andrew, Mike, Joe and a random guy at Matterhorn where we actually spent most of it talking to Darren Hughes, I did feel a bit sorry for him being surrounded by ACT guys and a sole Nat female who was formerly Labour lol. From there it was JJ Murphy's where it was short and sweet and blimmin' freezing. Then from there we went home.

I got back to my place about 1ish yesterday afternoon, quickly showered and grabbed some lunch before I had a meeting to attend. Then I went out to dinner with a whole heap of people mainly right wingers at Ghengis Khan which was really good. I headed home, and on almost being there received a text to join JW, Duncan Garner and Guyon Espiner who were all drinking at the Tasting Room, however I had promised my flatmate I would go to town with her, however she was tired so we went to her sisters and watched DVDs, ate chocolate and lollies, we came home played silly buggers with my camera whilst drinking tea - i think it was the sugar rush, then I climbed into bed and woke up not that long ago.

I love weekends like this, bar having to do work work and uni work.


Pamziewamzie said...

Hooooot!!! Sounds like you had a good weekend.
P.S. Get rid of that Nat or I will delete the photo myself!

molly may said...

ha ha yes i totally agree!!

welly_girl said...

lol, you two are hilarious.

welly_girl said...

I hope Charlie is more welcome than Simon.

Sounds like you two got up to mischief as well ;P

Pamziewamzie said...

Not that much, we didn't even go out! However my apartment witnessed much mischief, such as the likes of never have I ever...

Pamziewamzie said...

Oh yeah, and the dog is a vast improvement :P