Wednesday, July 18, 2007

mmmm I wonder if Divine Brown will be lecturing?

The good old age profession that many people have relied on for quick (perhaps sometimes dangerous and degrading) money is being considered by educational officials; Prostitution.
Well all those 17/18 year old Paris Hilton wannabes and Peter Wentz clones who dream of making it big by strutting their stuff down East St (off Krd and all the other side streets) and get paparazzid Hugh Grant/Divine Brown styles can now put their parents at ease.....

i can now just hear this speech or something similar in a kitchen in a house with a backyard, christmas family photos, sunday roasts and a poster of My Chemical romance:
"oh my god mom, dont be an doing what you want me to getting a tertiary qualification, duh?...

And what bout the transaction side of things? Does this mean that customers will be able to ask for "credentials" ? If a prostitute has these tertiary credentials, can they charge more? New addition to a cover letter when perhaps applying for a job at the Pelican Club.

Dear Sir/Madam
I saw your advertisement in the New Zealand herald and on for girls needed at the Pelican Club. I am a young, bubbly vivacious woman who enjoys "interacting" with people and giving people pleasure. I have recently graduated from tertiary where i got first degree honors in Prostitution specializing in karma sutra techinques and business transactions.......bla bla bla....consider my c.v. bla bla bla
sincerely Miss Jane Doe.

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Rich said...

Classic media beatup.

No tertiary institution is offering, has offered or has asked to offer a course in prostitution.

This was the actual quote, in response to a hypothetical question from an MP:
TEC chief executive Janice Shiner said under the new system a request to provide prostitution courses would be assessed against the same criteria as any other course.

What else could she say? That she would (illegally) block any such course by personal fiat?