Friday, July 13, 2007

Hodgson under Heat

Tony Ryall has put out a press release about the Hawkes Bay District Health Board having no confidence in Pete Hodgson's handling on the alleged conflicts of interest at the board.

I find it hard to believe that the alleged conflict of interest is only just coming out, I was well aware of Annette King's and Ray Lind's relationship and what was going on (through my connections with DHB members) but I am refraining from commenting on this, but I do agree that there should be an inquiry by the Auditor-General.

I also must say that whilst the HBDHB has no confidence in Hodgson on this matter, I have very little confidence as him in Minister fullstop. When Annette was Minister the health system seemed to be moving forwards and she was often in the media for both good and bad reasons. With Hodgson the health system seems to be slipping and as someone who utilises hospitals alot this is very worrying. Either Hodgson is not doing much, or he is being beaten out in news slots by the other big portfolio holders such as Maharey and the NCEA/Child-care blunders and Cullen on Financial Matters. When will the media ask where the hell is the health minister and what is he doing for NZ health?

I personally would like to see some privatisation of the hospitals and see people taking out medical insurance, I would happily take out insurance if it means I am going to get better care and treatment in the hospital. Currently I would happily pay to stay in a private hospital when I am sick, but I do not have the funds and they do not have the facilities to look after me when I am at that point. However any surgery I have ever had done has been in the private sector. I believe a system like Australia could work well in New Zealand if implemented well.


Heine said...

Good post. The thing is we need to free up the funds so that the ones who need the most care or are not well off have the access to health.

Another option would be to pay tax dollars to private hospitals to attack the waiting lists full on. We already know that private hospitals do more operations and have higher quality care than their public neighbours. If we have a large heart bypass waiting list in Wellington, whats stopping the politicans from making cuts in the list and putting patients through privately? It's far cheaper as well.

Ideology is the answer I'm afraid. Labour would hate to admit that the private sector is better than a Govt knows best public system.
Commonsense should be used!

Gman said...

how interesting on two levels:

The particular screen that you show belongs to a particular piece of equipment that NZ cannot afford to buy.

second: it's nicetosee that Blue line consistently above the red one.

Remember me I'm the guyyou used to have on your linkbar, first it appeared, then it disapeared,then i can back, and now it's gone. Do you hate me that much?


welly_girl said...


Our links all got accidentally deleted, then they were put back up and then our template changed and they got lost again.

I will put you back up as I do enjoy reading your blogs.

Paul said...

Doing more operations is not a sign of success but of failure - operations are a last resort. Nor do private hospitals provide better health care - they provide selective care for those that can afford it.

Heine said...

It is interesting that you say that Paul when there are operation waiting lists that are bursting at the seams in NZ.

It seems that even the worse private hospital can eliminate their "lists" in a fraction of the time than their public counterparts.

Surely the solution would be to allow as many people as possible to be able to afford private healthcare rather than have everybody stuck together getting the same equal low standard healthcare.

Have you stayed in a private hospital ward Paul?

Seamonkey Madness said...

I have and they fucking rock.

Sanctuary said...
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welly_girl said...
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welly_girl said...

Sanctuary - I would love to hear your rationalised thoughts on the matter rather than the cheap shot you did of calling me stupid. At least my thoughts have some basis.

I removed you post because I will not allow comments making accusations towards others that are clearly not true