Wednesday, May 16, 2007

200 Posts, 2 threats to life, and many scandals

It's time for me to stop blogging. Terminé, finished, done.

Let me list my reasons:

1. Blogging is a way for anonymous commenters/AKA trolls to get away with things that would earn them a bitch slap in real life. (If any of them want to meet with me... the pleasure is mine...)

2. Blogging is not a good representation of the real world.

3. Blogging is dominated by right wingers, because lefties are in touch with the real world. (haha)

4. Although it's convenient for short conversation, it unsettles me when I'm catching up with one of my friends to have them already know exactly how I am.

5. I'm unsure as to why people are interested in what I write. Is it because of the occassional photo or the occassional insightful comment? I will never know...

6. There are certain IP addresses I'd like to block, but can't.

7. Blogging provides some kind of sick satisfaction to my stalkers, who really need to let go AND GET A FRIGGIN LIFE. Seriously. (I hear Kidsline/Youthline/Lifeline are all really really good. Or maybe the I'm-a-sick-fuck-can-you-turn-me-in-to-the-police hotline is a better option)

8. I have a life.

9. Being the (sometimes) sufferer of garbage in typed form, I'd rather say things out loud and off the record than online and on the record.

10. There is so much more to communication than words; I prefer face to face dialogue.

11. There is a degree of vulnerability when you put things on the net. And at times I have felt unsafe.

12. Rodney Hide blogs.

13. Most people will agree that I am a nice person. However, the only time I have been the victim of personal attacks has been in politics and on the internet. I have also made personal attacks myself on the net, which is something I'd rather not do. (Maybe blogging makes it easier) I don't have time for that shite.

14. This blogging thing is really narcissistic.

15. Unforunately, most people know that real name is not in fact, Pamziewamzie.

16. Sitting down makes my bum fall asleep. :)

Good enough reasons? I think so. In all fairness, I have made a few friends in unexpected places, which is cool. And I have nothing against people who do choose to put their thoughts up; I just don't think it's for me.

I would adopt a pseudonym, but don't think I'm discreet enough to keep it on the d-low. As some of you will know. And I've been told my writing style is pretty recognisable.

Be well, la lucha continua, stay red.

Love Pam.

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