Friday, May 11, 2007

From Bush to Blair about Brown

George Bush has said that when Tony Blair goes he will miss him.

Bush states that Blair has kept his word, and therefore Bush holds him in high regard. Blair has been the strongest ally for the US in the Iraq war.

Bush also goes onto claim that he thinks Gordon Brown will replace Blair as leader of the Labour Party, something which is common belief in Britain, with rumours that Brown has about two thirds of the caucus supporting him.

Bush gives the impression that should Brown become leader the US will still have Britain's support because "Gordon Brown understands the consequences of failure"

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Heine said...

It shows that loyalty even when making the difficult decisions is the most important thing. And that is a trait many people, including myself admire about anybody.

Brown has been working hard for a long time on his statesman like image. He has met Bush before and has taken many other opportunities to show himself on the world stage. I don't particularly like the guy, but don't expect big things from him either. It will be business as usual for the meantime.