Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hot American Chicks

Some guy asked me what College I was at. What a creep not telling him

I have seen Hillary Looking better...this is her do not mess with me face!

Some Real Hot Chicks

I loved this - Did not take it though.

These are my friends. I did take this one.

Hi Hillary's Love Child here again. Here are some of my favorite images. I will post some more next week. Some creepy guy asked me what College I was at on my last post and I would rather not say as I do not want a wierd stalker.

I hope that you guys in New Zealand are having fun. I really would love to come out. Does anyone know where my friends and I could stay?

Hillary is now out polling these nasty Republicans and is going to go on to win. Go Hillary Go!

Lots of Love from Wyoming.

Hillary's Love Child.

PS I am going to be campaigning for Hillary in Wyoming soon so will tell y'all what it is like.

PPS I have met a nice guy called Hank. He is a bit of a jock but is captain of the football team and has lots of cool friends.


Paul said...

You can stay with Tama and me.

We will look after you and your friends. We live in Grey Lynn in Auckland.

Looking forward to seeing you when you get here.


kooky said...

Is this another "Steve Martin"?

gliderguider said...

You guys are from Wisconsin, right? Like in _Love Actually_?

You can stay with me.

Anonymous said...

Are you... real?

Heine said...

Am still waiting to hear your opinion on Hilarys nasty comments involving blacks and jews? Clintons own bodyguards were none too impressed with her when her husband was president.

welly_girl said...

If in Wellington there is always room at my place.

I am sure Molly May or Pamzie or Lulu could accommodate you in Auckland.

Pamziewamzie said...

For goodness' sake. I met HLC in Spain ok?

ex-expat said...

How is it American girls seem able to flash so many teeth when they smile?