Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Go Away!

For someone who left New Zealand to stay out of the limelight she is doing a bloody terrible job.

Her out of court settlement with ACP Media for AUS$225,000 is currenlty making headlines after she sued them for defemation after the Australian Woman's Day published an article about her divorce in 2001.

Charlotte is now a judge on Australia's Next Top Model and host's Charlotte's Lists which screens on Prime. So much for staying out of the spotlight, but I guess when you keep working within the media industry you are going to get that "celebrity" status and the spotlight she so desperately fears.


Anonymous said...

The whole reason she was a 'celebrity' in New Zealand was because Bridgette Saunders said she was. Fair enough, apparently you have to have some local 'celebs'.

And I'll tolerate inferior z-grade Kiwi 'celebs' because I know people like hearing about 'celebs' hanging out in places they could actually see or go to themselves.

But I agree that now she no longer lives here there's no reason why we should still have to hear about her.

If we're going to start hearing about overseas celebs could we at least choose some more glamorous and exciting ones from New York or London or Paris or somewhere that actually matters? (Sorry Australia but that's not you.)

James said...

Nice tits!