Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Clint Heine has set a New Zealand Bloggers Union, and appointed himself President.

Both Pamziewamzie and I requested to be on the executive and were denied, as Heine decided who got what positions, notably all male and all right wingers.

I think that as we are compulsory members, and this seems to be Clint's attempt to promote voluntary student membership to student associations, that the fact we put ourselves forward and were prepared to try and change things we don't like about the union is what all the righties who constantly whinge about compulsory student membership should do - engage with your local student association and actually run!!!

Whilst I acknowledge I am not happy that there is not a female nor left(ish) blogger, I understand that membership is compulsory and I have attempted to have my input onto the executive, my time will now have to be spent head butting the executive from outside, because not everyone agrees with the unions they belong to.

At least our student associations are democratic and allows for motions of no confidence in the President and other memebers, unlike this union which is being run by a dictator who decides on EVERYTHING!


MikeE said...

But it is voluntary, after all - you "chose" to blog.

Paul said...

Two days old and already the Union has more members than ACT and more policies than National.

kiwigirl said...

Well I'm a female and would classify myself as mostly a right winger. Surely I should have a place on this exec?



Murray said...

That whooshing sound you heard going past you, that was the point.

Heine said...

Nice one Paul, I recognise that members like you have special learning difficulties and we can help you. :)

Mike is right Pam, you are not forced to be a blogger.
How does it feel being powerless to change an association? Sucks eh.
I am mirroring our union with actual case studies from our associations.
All I can say now is keep trying and we will listen, probably around that blue moon period. Maybe sooner.

welly_girl said...


I would welcome you on the exec but it does depend on Clint seeing as he has gone all dictator on us

kiwigirl said...

Thanks Welly Girl :)

Clint might be scared I try to disallow guns from the meeting :)

xx K

Heine said...

Kiwigirl hasn't even commented or put forward her name for any position so of course I didn't take her opinion into consideration. That would consist of me being a mind reader which obviously I am not.

I see you girls are accusing me of being a dictator.. not at all. Only 2 left wing members made comments out of many others who emailed and commented on the right. While the NZBU apreciates the fact you helped make up the numbers for our quorum, you were simply outnumbered.

Sour grapes is SO not a good look :)

If you guys weren't so apathetic I am sure you could of got a bit more support. I guess just like our Student Association comrades, apathy too plays a part in the election process :)

kiwigirl said...

Oh Clint.

Shouldn't you just naturally think of me :)


x K

Heine said...

Nope, :) Not my type! lol.

But I am glad to represent you and the rest of the lovely Red Con girls!