Wednesday, May 09, 2007

As if we need more proof

I am not a George Bush fan, I am fan of the Royals and I had to laugh at Bush's stuff up when welcoming the Queen to the White House in front of 7,000 people.

Not only did he go to say she had helped America celebrate its bi-centennial of independence in 1776, but managed to catch the blunder, but he then looked at the Queen, winked, and then said she gave him a look that only mothers can give!!! The Queen did have a laugh though.

I am sure Her Majesty did not get too worried about Bush's muckup, it will be the suits that consider themselves Royalty that will cast the most objection. It just proves yet again that George Bush appears to not get anything right.

Looking forward to the Presidential Elections.


Sterling Knight said...

Bush has been a complete fuck up, hasn't he.

Heine said...

Not at all, the British papers hardly made a mention of it but more upon the Queens good humour and grace to make an equally funny response to it in her speech to Bush.

It is pretty pathetic to see people jumping upon every little mistake one makes just for the sake of it. If you were in a situation of power would you enjoy the same scrutiny from a worldwide audience?

Craig Ranapia said...

What really amuses me is the way the American media (and the Beltway elite) go ga-ga, once more, at the sniff of a crowned head from across the Atlantic. Could someone remind these people that their ancestors actually won the Revolutionary War, ratified the Constitution, saw off the Brits in the War of 1812 etc?

As for the faux outrage from the British tabloids - is that hypocrisy on your breath, or did you just crap your pants? One might think the News of the World would be particular circumspect - considering one of their editors has been sent to prison for bugging the cell phones of members of the royal family.

Heine said...

Indeed Craig, although the NOTW is a Sunday paper so they have yet to add their 2P :)

No hysteria over here... apart from a couple letter writers/panty sniffers who think it's awfully funny to diss Bush for his every moment from getting out of bed until he gets back into bed.

Anonymous said...

I think it actually shows that he has a good sense of humour.

Heine said...

Bush has a great sense of humour. That is what endeared him to the public for him to win a second term. Do you remember the speech he gave where he had a translator beside him teasing his "Bushisms"?

Brilliant and effective.

ON the other hand we have Obama who is now making the same mistakes but exaggerating deaths and figures and I have yet to hear an ill word about him on this or other left wing blogs. Proves me right all along that the anti Bush movement is blind.