Thursday, May 17, 2007

Gordon Copeland

Gordon Copeland has left United Future in protest at the repeal of Section 59. The picture would indicate that the "scary" youth protestors may have contributed.

He will be re-forming the Future New Zealand Party with Larry Baldock, a gentleman who I have also confronted over the Repeal of Section 59. It is ironic that Copeland did not vote on this bill which is the reason why he is leaving.

Copeland is well-known to be devoutly Christian, and fellow United Future Christian MP Judt Turner was notably upset at his departure, almost in tears whilst speaking to journalists.

Copeland has stated that he will accept the budget that is announced today, but can not guarantee that support for the 2008 budget.


Andy Moore said...

Um, no, he's not leaving because he didn't vote on the bill.

He's leaving because he's not happy with Peter Dunne's stand on the bill.

Good on him.

Any MP who voted for the bill has spat in the face of everyday mums and dads.

When the vast majority of MPs vote against the will of the vast majority of Kiwis, then something is horribly wrong.

Tigrr said...

I agree with ya Andy.

I feel there is enough legislation to deal with things as there is. To have legislation and ammendments on childrearing is rifrickendiculous. This is more of 'ambulance at the bottom of the cliff' and less to do with prevention and commonsense.

How exactly does this address the issue and culture of child bashing in NZ. It simply does not.

Anonymous said...

You seem to be using the word Christian in a pejorative sense, any reason for that? You've also neglected to mention that he is a Catholic, they're far more restrained than your average fundy

Heine said...

If you look at the photo it too shows Labour Youth with little bits of paper wth derogatory names for Family First (as well as misleading signs about opponents of the bil) That hardly would of scared him off - as none of it was true.

I don't like United, but I do support people following their convictions, so good on Gordon for getting out now. It would of been pretty hard being an MP in a party that gets its supporters mainly from the right to go into a partnership with Labour twice.

Randominanity said...

Actually Gordon did vote against the Bill. Albeit 90 minutes late. He sought, and was granted, leave to vote against he Bradford Bill when the house resumed after the dinner break on Wednesday night.

Clueless said...

I don't understand why people have made such a big deal over Gordan Copeland missing the vote. It was obvious that there were only a handful of mps voting against the bill, so one more made no difference!