Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Qantas woes!

Qantas has recently been voted the worst airline on a suvery from subscribers to consumer magazine choice, I am a fan of Qantas personally although have not done any long haul flights with them.

Not suprisingly Jetstar was deemed to be the worst Australian domestic airline.

I personally have never flown Singapore Airlines but have only ever heard good things, and I certainly prefer Qantas over Air New Zealand - at least you actually get stuff on domestic flights. In NZ the Qantas planes certainly have more room than Air NZ.

When travelling internally in Australia, often on flights that take longer than NZ - Australia Qantas is my preferred airline because you do get free food and drink, and roomy. I would not fly Jetstar because it is a "cheap" airline, and the same with Virgin Blue and whilst service is good when it comes to personal space that is not in the equation. This is also the same reason I would not fly Freedon or Virgin Trans-Tasman, it may be only 3 and a bit hours but some comfort is always nice.


stef said...

I think it's almost compulsory for one to loathe their national airline. Canadians love to bitch about Air Canada, AirNZ gets a fair share of criticism here.

I've always liked Qantas, most recent flight I took with Qantas was from Singapore to Sydney. Brand new plane, decent food (for an airline), personal entertainment for us in economy. Though I have to say their trans-tasman service was not so flash.

Tigrr said...

I had repeatedly poor service from AirNZ so I now only use Qantas domestically and for trans-Tasman flights.

Heine said...

I flew back to NZ from London (and back) on Qantas and it was very good. No complaints from me at all.

I find Air NZ too expensive for the same route so have yet to fly them in many years - but did read in an inflight magazine that they are charging for almost everything for domestic flights. is that right?

Personally, air travel in NZ is a rip off. Esp as can pay 1p for a flight from here to Scandinavia or Central/Eastern Europe :)

welly_girl said...

On domestic flights you can purchase items at a cost, except water and maybe lollies. Some still have free tea and cofee.

However on a trip between Napier and Wellington one is only offered water and maybe a lolly - this trip takes longer than Auckland - Wellington and yet food is offered there - they must know only business people will pay $6 for a sandwich

Rich said...

I would not fly Jetstar because it is a "cheap" airline

You're getting into the hang of being a righty pretty quick aren't you?

Next thing it'll be:
"I don't know any of the kind of people who turn right when they board an aircraft" (c) Tara Palmer Tomkinson.

It's only infrequent flyers who care about the free food anyway - us AKL/WLG commuters could mostly not care less. There's free food in the Koru lounge. Besides, you don't get fed in the taxi to the airport either, and in Auckland that can take as long as the actual flying.

Sicoff said...

Myself, my partner and our eight month old boy just visited Sydney, we flew there via Qantas and return by Air NZ. Basically Qantas were fantastic, did everything they could to make the flight as comfortable as possible, Air NZ were utter rubbish and if it wasn't for my Air Dollars I'd never use them again! Sicoff

Cactus Kate said...

Qantas is the best airline around. And I am not just saying that as they upgrade me frequently.

Australians obviously have not flown any American airlines for if they had then they would not bitch about their own airline so much.