Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Horse of a Different Colour

Before the rumours start to fly, yes I resigned from the Labour Party this morning.

I have loved my time in the Party, I have been able to campaign on issues that I feel are important, have protested showing publicly my support or dislike for particular legislation that is being proposed, I have made some fantastic friends, I have been welcomed into the various sectors and branches and held executive positions. I thank the Labour Party and its members for allowing such experiences and being supportive of me. I wish you the best and no doubt many of us will remain in contact.

Young Labour is still extremely passionate and has a promising future, I no longer have that passion or share that future and that is why I have left. I also do not align myself with some of the ideals and policy of the Labour Party and Government. I do not wish to elaborate on this any further in this public realm, my friends and acquaintances can talk to me in person.

It has not been as easy decision, and I have had so many lovely comments from people thanking me that I actually cried before but I know I have done what I had to do for me. And I currently feel almost empty without a membership to a political party but I am currently leaning towards one in particular and will do a bit more thinking and then most likely sign up.

I do feel sad that I was once such a passionate member and really felt that the Labour Party were the party who should govern New Zealand, maybe I was just an idealistic teenager but I do want to loose my political enthusiasm and to an extent am proud of myself for having the courage to realise that I could leave and it does not make me a bad person.

I look forward to political debates to follow and to some of my friends and my more than friends while I love you dearly we most likely will argue alot more now when it comes to politics.


G7 said...

Was your passion destroyed by the oligarchical nature of the Labour Party per chance?

Congratulations. You have made a wise leap

Anonymous said...

Given this comment, I take it you are joining (or thinking of) National?

MikeE said...

I find it interesting that the Red's are going National. Is this because they reds are moving to the right, or national moving to the left?

welly_girl said...


not necessarily, i would pick Key over Nandor even if I was still in Labour. However party wise I have always said if I left Labour it would not be to go further left.

Mikee - I have been approached by ACT guys to give them a chance, I think the belief amongst some people about me is that I am moving right rather than any party moving left.

Fred said...

You should give it some hard thought before you join another party. Most parties operate in similar ways in terms of how much say party members have over policy (none), candidate selection (bugger all) and so forth.

However, does this mean you will resign from Red Confectionery? And form a new Blue Confectionery?

molly may said...

Doll, take your time and if you choose to join some political party...whatever it is...i support ya!!

Tigrr said...

NZLP has long been a regime of a very bad sort.
Good on ya for leaving.
If you still find yourself LEFT - get in touch with the real socialists.. oh and just wait til the new true party arises.

Kia kaha lass!

ps - don't you ever forget what you did that Sunday in front of them wanky losers. You should still be very proud of yourself for that speech.

Obi Wan Kenobi said...

Luke, do not succumb to the dark side of the force.

Use the force for good not for evil (picture Gerry Brownlee as Darth Vader!).

Heine said...

I can understand that this would be a tough decision, especially for somebody so young. My advice is to get away from all things political as you have to enjoy yourself and poltiics is hardly the "cool" thing when you have so many other distractions to get involved with in Wellington.

I think you'd find that the grassroots of ACT is quite similar to ACT, esp as they were started by mostly ex Labour party members. Not that I'm advocating you join us.. but you get the idea :)

Pamela said...

HAHA, blue confectionery. Over my (red) dead body.

Ka kite WG


peteremcc said...
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Sophia said...

Oh dear GOD, Please for GOD'S SAKES, do not join the National Party! They make me so angry!

gliderguider said...

Don't tell me you've been seduced by that Farrar fella?

I have to say, when I was talking to you at the blogger's meeting a few months ago you didn't *sound* like a Labour person.

peteremcc said...

i'm not sure you need to "give us a chance". it's up to you what you want to do, but as I have already commented (somewhere) you're welcome to come along to an AoC meeting, even if its as a national member - just for a chat :)


ex-expat said...

I second Clint's advice. Now is not the time to be joining a political party. Go out and enjoy wellington, being young, and figure out where you stand and who you want to be involved with. Who knows, you might rejoin labour, greens, national or whatever. P

James said...

Sophia said...

Oh dear GOD, Please for GOD'S SAKES, do not join the National Party! They make me so angry!

Me too! They are becoming more like Labour Labour party is enough!


welly_girl said...


No Mr Farrar did not "seduce" me, he has in fact encouraged me to really think about what I want to do when it comes to politics.

And what does I didn't "sound" like a Labour member mean?

Tigrr, thanks for reminding me of that moment, for me it was about taking a stand for what I believe in. I think may indicated even then that I would probably leave.

MikeE said...

What Clint said re: Act is correct, it has more in common with a lot of Labour's history than with the conservatives.

Personally I think most people moving from labour or greens would fit in better with ACT than the nats, due tot he fact that ACT is so much mroe socially liberal and accepting etc.

I mean can you imagine ACT trying to ban party pills for instance?

welly_girl said...

I don't believe in banning party pills however I am for legislatiing them. I am suprisingly conservative, its just a side I don't often express, or have had to keep hidden.

sexybunny said...

Welly_Girl, you are the most gorgeous person I know both in looks and personality.

You know you will be a blue girl, I have told you for a long time now that you would be - and even this time last year there were rumours about you joining ACT.

You will upset some people, they need to get over themselves and realise this is a decision for you not them and you are allowed to do what you want and not what the Labour Party has dictated to you for so long.

Good luck and you know I am alway here for you

Tigrr said...

hey that's c0ol.

your choice will always be the right one - cos it's yours for you


James said...

At the end of the day its a question of what you believe is right and wrong,just or in just.

If you really believe that people should be forced to sacrifice their lives and property to others against their will by force then the Left is where you belong.

If you believe that every person is a sovereign individual with the right to live for their own sake free of force and threats then ACT /Libs are for you...

If you want a buck both ways without having to stand up for a principle then National it is...!


welly_girl said...

As always it has been interesting to read your thoughts and get your feedback.

WG xxoo

Cactus Kate said...


Now we can treat you with some respect.