Wednesday, May 30, 2007


my friend matty has a new blog...check it out.

p.s: Ive quit my job...two more weeks to go. No i dont have new one
Am i stressed. yess


James said...

Don't sweat it....I'm into my 4 month of unemployment after resigning to find something new.I have lived off of my saving without getting a single welfare dollar.I could get a job easy tomorrow but have my sights set on what I really be brave and don't get railroaded into something that is not you.

Damian said...

There could be a job for you at Auckland Underwater on Mt Eden road. It has a 50% union membership!!!!

Auckland Underwater all the way!

welly_girl said...

I am sure Molly May would love working there!!!

Move to Welly lots of jobs here and really cool people :-P