Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Farewell my Friend

It was with great excitment I accepted Pam's invitation to be a blogger on Red Confectionery after the Labour Party Conference last year.

I was filled with great sadness this morning when she informed me that she would not be continuing to blog, and it is an honour that she has allowed me the privilege to continue Red Confectionery and keep the political and social commentary alive - there is plenty of more advice to be given and no doubt alot more politics with elections next year.

Pam, I am sorry that you leave us but I wish you all the best, and our fun times are not over, you are not just a co-blogger but a very dear friend and I will miss reading your thoughts, yes I often knew how you were without actually talking. All the best for the non-blogging world, you of course will always be welcome to come back and be a "guest" should you wish.

Viva Forever, You will be missed by both me, the other Red Confec bloggers and no doubt our readers.

Love you gorgeous


molly may said...

pam, if youre reading this...will miss your blogs.... and yes there are a few commmentators that i would too slap and kick in the face if i ever met know who you are!!

James said...

Pam...say it ain't so! You can't leave....we need you here posting your fluffy logic and general departures from reality....who will be my favourite buxom bouncy blog totty now!?


James.....inconsolable in despair.

kiwigirl said...


While I do understand, I'm really sad about it. Pam - I love your blogs (even if I don't always agree!).

xx K

Rick said...

As far as I’m concerned, the process is more important than the result. New Zealand isn’t a static thing, it’s a living thing. An idea. It gets regenerated and kept alive by the contest of values. Pam and Sophia in the good old days of Red Confectionery (ie this time last year, and onwards) were expressing themselves in this spirit. Even mad left-wing enemies of liberty can do that. They’re thinkers, listeners, ambitious dreamers. Adversaries worthy of libertarian steel and health-giving to the organism that is a nation.

Yes, it is as important as this even though it's just a blog.

Silent Running

Paul said...


Internet will be a duller place without you.

¿Donde esta la pollo?